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JYRC Burgee

The Burgee of JYRC embodies the Spirit of the Club

Founded in the State of Johor. Malaysia; the Burgee is a stylised version of the Johor State Flag which is where the Club draws it’s strength; The Members. Johoreans

The 4 Parts of the Burgee signifies the 4 Key Objectives of the Club

  1. Sailing (Blue Top)
  2. Powerboating (Blue Bottom) They both
    form the Shape of the Bow of a Yacht ever
    advancing forward.
  3. Recreation on Land ( Red)
  4. Networking and Building Strength amongst it’s
    Members (Coat of Arms) through Yachting
    and Recreation.

The Coat of Arms of the Club is 2 Malayan Tigers holding up a Shield which represent Knowledge Skills and Attributes with A Anchor to signify the Promotion of Yachting in Malaysia and Johor in particular amongst it’s Members.

The Crown is our Pledge of Allegiance to the
Ruler of the State of Johor amongst it’s Members


Membership Fees

JYRC Membership Categories

Individual Members

RM3000 Per Year

Associate Members

 ( For Foreigners with no voting rights )

RM3000 Per Year
  • For Founding Members in Year One, there will be RM2,500 worth of vouchers which can be redeemed with our partnered providers and RM500 will be used for Membership dues
  • Individual and Associate Members can bring up to a maximum of 10 non-members at any one time unless its’s a yacht charter
  • All Membership is valid for 364 Days
  • All Membership starts on 1st January of every year and ends on 30th December of every year

Spotlight/Media Press

Corporate Partners

AYA is a ISSA accredited school for sailing and power boat training programme. The letters AYA embedded in the Sails is our Vision of establishing a Asian Yachting Academy in all countries in Asia to bring about safe and enjoyable sailing experience in Asia.

SeaOPS specializes in sea based activities.

We provide and support sea-based activities. Also, specialize in expedition-based learning for both local and overseas. Our clients include schools, corporate (private and government), and consumers.


A Water tourism that combines elements of tourism and sports (sport tourism) using Personal Watercraft (PWC) or often known as jetski, Seadoo Safari Johor Bahru. This tour offers a new option to enjoy the beauty of the sea in Johor Bahru and its surroundings using a self-drive PWC guided by a trained Road Captain.


Seadoo Safari is an alternative activity water adventure which is relatively safe and can be done by beginners without reducing the excitement of this extreme sport. Designed with standard operating procedures that have taken into account the safety and comfort for Seadoo Safari participants and for their vehicles.

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